Thursday, 11 October 2018

False Alarm!

Heh! Before you read any further, there hasn't been any more progress on any of my projects.

I thought I'd write a quick update on the status regardless. The upside is that these projects are not far from my consciousness and I still have an interest in finishing them off.

Just a few weeks ago I bundled up the latest version of Knight Lore for the TRS-80 Color Computer 3 and sent it off to someone who is going to be releasing it on cartridge for sale. Hopefully. I thought for a brief moment that it would motivate me to resume my projects, but alas it hasn't been the case thus far. Perhaps when I see it announced for sale...

I recently sold a few retro bits 'n' pieces - mainly manuals & microcomputer software - and my favourite arcade cabinet, to fund the purchase of something else completely unrelated to retro gaming. Yes, it was my favourite cabinet but the reality of it was that it was rarely turned on, it was just too big for my (rather small) games room, and I have designs on building a Viewlix cabinet one day. I still have two (2) cabinets so I let it go for the cash I needed.

On the flip side, I've recently purchased a video demodulator, video/rgb scaler and CFFA3000 card - and have plans to buy another video demodulator - so it's not like I've lost interest in retro gaming.

So back to the projects. Usually around this time I think of another project I want to start and then focus on that instead of finishing the previous one(s). This time however, that's not the case. So first cab off the rank will be to finish optimising Asteroids for the Coco3, then back-port it to the Apple IIC+ and the IIGS. I also want to port it to another platform - TBA.

I've been thinking again about the Neo Geo, and finally picking up Donkey Kong again. Especially now that the NeoSD, and whatever DarkSoft's equivalent is, are well established in the marketplace.

Just a matter of when I get the urge again...

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