Thursday, 13 November 2014

Putting my case forward

Lode Runner for the Coco has languished in the 95% complete state for an embarrassingly long time now, mostly for reasons completely unrelated to the project itself.

From the outset I wanted to release Lode Runner for the Coco in cartridge form, before offering disk/download formats. It wasn't development of the cartridge that held me back though, it was actually the case; I just didn't see any viable solutions in the short term. As a result, subconsciously I was avoiding completing the disk-based project.

Well that changed recently with Tim Lindner's CocoSDC case, seen here, or more specifically when he offered them up for sale. I have duly ordered a small batch of them, with the intention of producing a limited run of the Coco Lode Runner cartridge.
The cartridge design - not yet started - will in fact be a generic flash-based cartridge programmable from the Coco itself, with flexible bank-switching options to make it suitable for all manner of homebrew projects including Lode Runner.