Tuesday, 11 October 2016

I GIVE UP (on the Rawhide lyrics)

Given that this page is my browser 'Home Page' I am actually constantly reminded that Knight Lore is still waiting for me to finish it off. Finding the time, however, has been difficult lately.

We are currently undergoing renovations to the yard and back of the house, and much of those renovations are D.I.Y. They also need to be completed before Christmas for various reasons. What that means is, next-to-no spare time for me at all. I try to make use of the daylight hours when possible to work on the house & yard or, occasionally, getting out and doing some cycling just to save my sanity and my waistline - but that means doing (or completing) my paid work in the evenings. And all that is when I'm not tending to Mr 1 and Miss 4.

So, I can't at this point say when I'll get more time to divert to Knight Lore - I was hoping to have a release before Xmas - but I can't even promise that at this point in time. Eventually it'll all settle down again... one day...