Thursday, 9 July 2020

Shelter in place!

The shields are now rendered in the correct location on the screen. As planned, the code now buffers the complete 512-byte area of the screen containing the shields. So whilst the rendering into the buffer is now more complicated, the save/restore is a simple block copy. This is in contrast with the original code.

However, now I'm not 100% sure that this won't cause graphical glitches if there's another object (eg player laser) in the shield area when the player is hit. In theory the laser will be saved and restored and become another 'shield'. Which means I would need to store a copy of the virgin shields as a mask... arghh...

This is getting more complicated than I ever thought it would be.

I've also introduced a few more graphical glitches, most notably in the explosions, which I simply cannot explain from merely updating the shield rendering at all.

But with the shields done now, I think all that remains is to review dead code, revisit all the alignment issues (absolute locations on the screen) and then fix the graphical glitches one-by-one. Once all that's complete, all that remains is to reposition the score (and credit text if required) and maybe then think about adding some rudimentary sound.

Until next time...

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