Monday, 12 May 2014

A video is worth 1500 lines of assembler

Today at lunchtime, and earlier this evening, I managed to get the player movement done, including gravity, and even had time to add the collecting of the titular gold 'lode'.

So without further ado, here's a video from MESS of Lode Runner in action on the Coco3:

My dilemma now is whether to continue the momentum with the Coco port - and put the Z80 version on ice - or take a step back and bring the TRS-80 version up-to-date. I'm concerned that the bandwidth for the Grafyx Solution hires board is simply not up to the task, without some optimisations, and quite frankly the prospect of porting the indexed-indirect code to the Z80 isn't exactly appealing.

At this stage I'm leaning towards continuing the momentum with the 6809 port, and getting the end-of-screen ladders appearing, then moving on to the player moving around in the attract mode, adding high scores, and getting the main loop completed.

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  1. Looks real good Mark. Never has an Apple, only saw Lode Running on a PC. This is looking pretty awesome!!!1