Sunday, 8 May 2016

It's Game Over - thankfully!

Literally 10 minutes to work on Space Invaders thus far this weekend, but I did manage to squash bug #12 - the 2-player game not ending. A simple case of using STA instead of CLR.

I think that just leaves the one bug (lucky #13) now; invaders not being erased properly when player 1 or 2 game is restored. At this point I don't have a theory for the cause of the problem, I simply can't think of what bug could manifest itself in this way. Would be ironic, if not really frustrating, if this one (#13) proved elusive for the next few days.

Once this is fixed, and there aren't any further apparent bugs, I'll get the disk image running properly, test it on real hardware, and release an 'alpha' version that people can try just to get a feel for what they can expect on the Coco3 once I rotate the screen.

I've been thinking about the sound support lately and will have to do some research on whether samples, or pre-rendered waveforms (or possibly both) are the way to go. I purposefully coded all the sound routines whilst porting to the Coco3 - short of the actual port I/O - to better facilitate adding sound. On the arcade hardware, the port I/O simply turns on/off each of the discrete sound circuits, so they'll need to be replaced with flags in RAM.

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  1. Good to see you're making progress. :-)
    I can't say that about my latest project though. I've sent you a PM about it on World of Spectrum. I hope you'll take a look. ;-) :-)