Sunday, 19 June 2016

More productrive times ahead!

Almost a month since my last post, and still no progress to report. Real Life - and other less-geeky pursuits - have been taking priority lately and I've been loathe to return to my project(s) before I can be reasonably sure that I'll be able to dedicate time consistently to them again.

It looks like I'm almost certainly US bound again for work at the end of this month for another 2 weeks, so that time may arise sooner than I thought. On my last 2-week trip I managed to implement the core of the Knight Lore port so it's definitely an opportunity to do some significant development.

I will, of course, concentrate on getting Space Invaders finished and, if I do manage to finish that, I'll start looking at optimising Knight Lore, which I'd really like to release sooner rather than later so that I may finally move onto new projects.

I'll also be buying a new laptop for the trip - lugging the old ASUS G73 (at 7kg or 15lbs) back-and-forth across the globe is getting real tired - and I'll need plenty of time beforehand to load up all my development and emulation environments!

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