Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Making Of Kong

Tonight I found myself with snippets of free time between tasks; not so much conducive to extended concentrated effort - such as development - but I did want to at least advance one of the languishing projects...

With all the excitement of the impending commercial release of the Neo Geo flash cartridge (no, not mine unfortunately), I decided to dust off the Neo Kong project and bring it up-to-date with my latest tools and 'best practices' that I've honed during development of Lode Runner and Knight Lore on the Neo Geo.

Specifically, I merged it into the Retro Ports SVN repository and updated the makefile to make it more... well, nice. I won't bore anyone with the details, but the build environment is a little easier to set up and maintain now. I'm not completely happy with the makefile yet, but at least both cartridge and CD targets build and run under MAME now, and there's no need to use another emulator.

The last time I touched the code was 3rd Feb 2013 - fast approaching 4 years ago!!! I was surprised to discover that I am actually assembling with the NEODEV kit assembler; I have been under the misapprehension in more recent times that I was using AS68K.. bit rot in my memory banks! That being so, I'm considering attempting to port it across to AS68K since I'm not linking against any NEODEV libraries.

All that said, I still have Lode Runner, Knight Lore and Space Invaders for the Coco3 to finish too!


  1. I'm happy to read news about the making of kong! I'm still working on NeoPhoenix in non existent spare time writing C emu routines in ASM68k. I have still unsolved starfield problem (I'm feel so stupid for that!) but now the emu speed is better than the past: Rel 0.12 ISO See you soon! Ciao

    1. Hmm... not sure where my last reply went?!?

      Anyway, I had checked back from time-to-time to see how your emu was going! Nice work on the ASM code... is it generic emu code that can be used for other emu projects too?

  2. Yes, it can be used for other emu in theory, but i still have to try it.