Thursday, 5 October 2017

Getting close

Today I did a quick audit of what was outstanding in the 'core':
  • 7x routines for high score display/entry
  • 2x routines to display exploding player ship

There's also a few routines not strictly necessary for game play, but will likely be implemented at some stage to round off the port:
  • 4x sound routines
  • 4x sundry routines, such as NMI

I could probably knock over the high score routines in a single session. The exploding ship was the one aspect of the Apple IIGS port I hadn't addressed, for two reasons; I don't (yet) understand the code and I don't have Norbert's graphics for it (nor do I understand - yet - how he implemented it).

UPDATE: I've done 4 of the remaining 7 high score routines; namely those that display the high score table. The remaining 3 comprise the high score initials entry.

I might finish off the high score and then have another look at the exploding ship code for the arcade. If it's still incomprehensible to me, I might move on to optimising the rendering for the Coco3 before returning to it in earnest.

Today I did manage to completely break the asteroids though when adding a few tweaks... so fixing that is first on the agenda.

UPDATE: I also fixed this, however although it detects the end of the game (and displays GAME OVER) it still doesn't actually end the game - you can still play. I had a look for this earlier, and it still eludes me.

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