Thursday, 24 November 2022

I hate computers. Mine is bombed...

%$#@^%!@$#%^!$@&^#%$&!@^%#$&!%@^$# PCs... another machine crash.

Despite that, have implemented bombing. Nothing gets hit or explodes, but you can drop bombs.

Encountered an interesting complication; Xevious sprites can have more than 1 color entry as 'transparent'. The crosshairs that are also used for the bomb target use different CLUTs at different times, and some of them have transparency set for pixel values 0, 2&3 simultaneously. That means I will have to modify the source to use different tiles for the sprite at different times...

Don't know how many days I'll waste trying to restore my PC. I don't even know what the failure was atm. I thought it was the RAM, which I changed, and it seemed to fix it, but then it stopped booting again when trying to install NVIDIA drivers... grrr!!!!! 

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