Friday, 25 November 2022

Shooting for the stars (in the absence of anything else to shoot at)

Quick lunch update; shooting is now working (there's nothing to shoot at though).

Up to 3 Solvalou bullets can be active on the screen

I've also indentified an area of shared RAM which appears to be used to signal the SUB2 processor to start/stop certain sounds during the game. This ticks off a handful of variables in the RE whose purpose was unknown until today.

Next up, having bombs actually blow things up! The scoring should already be in place, although things like updating the high score and awarding extra Solvalou have not been transcoded yet.

UPDATE: Slow afternoon (the best type of Friday afernoon) and so I managed to do a bit more Xevious. Bombing is now complete; you can destroy any objects whose handlers have been transcoded up to the point where they check they've been hit.

It's always fun blowing things up!

There does seem to be a glitch in the routine that displays the score... almost as if interrupts aren't disabled when VRAM is being accessed; sometimes the score is a black line?!? Hmm....

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