Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Nothing to see here...

A severe lack of time and the arrival of new PCB's for my NGPACE project has seen very little progress on Lode Runner since my last post.

I have, however, spent a little time attempting to identify and isolate the player movement code but have only come to the conclusion that I really do need to invest more time on reverse-engineering the original code before I'm going to have much success on that front. So for now, those plans are on the back-burner until I have done exactly that.

What I may do in the mean-time, however, is take a look at porting the circular wipe function to the Coco3 (6809) at least. I'm still yet to implement the dual hires pages on either port, although on the Coco3 it should be quite straightforward, and I have already reserved the RAM for the 2nd page. At least it'll force me to do that much, and if it's not too much work, it'll look pretty cool!

Whilst my focus is primarily on the NGPACE project now that it's moving ahead, the beauty of this project is its suitability to working in small bursts that would otherwise be fruitless for work on the NGPACE designs. It's also easier to work on-the-go, and doesn't require the daily transport of hardware between home and the office.

I also feel a Neo Geo port is imminent... ;)

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