Monday, 21 September 2015

Easier to C what's happening!

Still managing the odd hour here and there and starting to get a real feel for the structure of the code and how everything hangs together. It's a fine line between trying to get a good understanding, and not getting bogged down in low-level implementation details that can wait until porting is under way.

I'm considering a slightly different approach for this port. Because so much of the binary is actually data structures, and a fair amount of the same maintained in RAM, plus the fact that a lot of the code is concerned with rendering the screen, I'm actually toying with the idea of doing a complete port in C (on the PC) before tackling the 6809 translation.

The code itself looks quite well structured, with very little jumping around, which of course lends itself to a high-level implementation. And debugging C code to parse data structures and render graphics on the PC is a lot more attractive than debugging 6809 in the MESS debugger running a Coco emulator.

I think I've just made up my mind to start coding in C next session.

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