Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Low hanging fruit

Steady but slow progress as time is in short supply; a major upheaval in my working life and plenty of things happening around the house in my private life. This probably won't change for a month or two yet either. Still, I try to grab an hour or so 'watching' TV with the wife or just before bed one or two nights per week.

I'm still getting a general feel for the code, jumping around and commenting sections that are easy to identify - low hanging fruit. I'll probably persist with this strategy until pickings become meagre.

The use of IX and IY registers appear to be limited to only a few data structures, so I'm feeling a bit more confident about a 6809 translation.

Not sure at this point when I'll revisit the rendering and/or code my first 6809 instruction for the port. I could write the main menu easily as it is now, but that's not very exciting at all.

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