Friday, 27 November 2015

Chipping away slowly

Still progressing, even if slowly, each time I open up the disassembly to look at it.

I mentioned in a previous post a 'related' project; I'll talk about it more now since I had a closer look at it today.

The project involved modifying a ZX Spectrum emulator specifically for this game in order to render the screen using the OpenGL library on a modern platform - pretty interesting idea! Tonight I decided to read up on the technical details of the project - written in Spanish - and learned a thing or two about it. There's even information on the game in there that contradicts what I've read on another site, and I suspect that when I've digested it fully it may actually clear up some confusion I've had thus far in certain areas.

Technical details aside, the rendering algorithm looks a lot simpler and cleaner in C code. Unfortunately at this point, sections of it don't appear to bear any resemblance whatsoever to the original Z80 code; at least I can't find the corresponding implementation. To further obfuscate matters, the code - comments, variables and functions - is written entirely in Spanish. Early days yet, however.

Regardless, I have a feeling that I'm not too far off a breakthrough and although there's a fair amount of code to implement in C before I can render all of the game's screens, at the same time I'm also pretty confident that it will only take a small amount of code to render one specific location.

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