Thursday, 19 November 2015

Next post: The reveal?

It's been a slow day today so I took the opportunity at lunchtime to work on the project.

I finished coding the routines that build the display list for the screen rendering and for a quick test, simply added a call to the rendering routine for each sprite in the list. The result; not surprisingly the sprite positioning needs adjustments but the display is encouragingly similar to what I would expect to see!

So obviously now I'll be reverse-engineering the rendering logic in minute detail and updating my C source as I progress. The next milestone is to have the screen rendering 100% accurately. Then I can finally post a screenshot and no doubt reveal the identity of the game!

At the risk of giving it away now, this game has seen a few ports (some home-brew) and a few remakes on more modern platforms. Despite that, and also occasional claims of having reverse-engineered the game, I can't find more than what I would describe as a preliminary attempt at a disassembly anywhere on the net. I don't like to re-invent the wheel where avoidable, but in this case I can't help feeling I'm actually doing just that. Regardless, I've put a fair amount of effort into this and it only makes sense to complete it myself now.

Having said all that, I did only just today find a rather unique project from 2006 that I will describe in a later post for fear of giving too much away.

As I've alluded to in previous posts, I've got some ambitious plans for this port, particularly where the Coco3 is concerned. I'm quite excited to see where I can take it, but I've still got many more months of work before I can even kick it off.

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