Friday, 4 July 2014

C++ --

Last night I had a few spare minutes so rather than get entrenched in debugging the C port, I thought I'd start to set up the project for the Neo Geo target.

I duly discovered that my 'C' port was, in fact, a C++ port! Doh! It's been so long since I've been restricted to pure C code that I'd inadvertently used some C99 and C++ language features. Although it is technically possible to develop in C++ for the Amiga (though a right royal PITA according to what I've read), the Neo Geo toolchain is definitely C only.

Tonight I reverted the Lode Runner core code to pure C and can finally compile and link both PC (Allegro) and Neo Geo targets, from the same makefile. In fact, the Neo Geo target will in turn support both cartridge and CD build options.

Right now running the Neo Geo build I get the hash screen. I was expecting a cheesy FIX-layer text message, so clearly something is not quite right in the build, but I've run out of time tonight. It shouldn't be too difficult to rectify, since I have successfully built the Neo Thunder homebrew project using this toolchain in the past.

EDIT: It's now running - cheesy FIX-layer message and all!

This exercise has also unexpectedly rekindled my interest in finishing off my Neo Geo Donkey Kong port!

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