Friday, 11 July 2014

Is it Game Over for the Neo Geo? Yes!

Tonight I finished the GAME OVER animation - for colour mode at least. When I was testing monochrome on the Neo Geo the animation still appeared in colour, so I went back to check the Coco3 port and it was the same. Oops! I'll fix that in the near future.

So the bells and whistles in terms of graphics are complete. Just high score entry, special keys and game speed tuning. And fix the last guard AI bug of course. The Neo Geo port is looking good, and the speed of the C code has not been an issue at all!

As I mentioned, the NGCD version is also running in MESS, so this weekend I'll burn a CD and confirm that it runs on real hardware.

UPDATE: It runs! And looks good too!

Once the above issues are addressed, I'll do a full MVS & NGCD release. No point waiting for a cartridge release on the Neo Geo - that's a while off yet! ;)

Next? I might crank up the Amiga emulator. Ideally I'd like to use the same (cross) toolchain, so I can simply add another platform to the make file. But something tells me it's going to be easier to develop on the Amiga itself.

Then there's the Sega Megadrive/Genesis...

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