Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Jump, jump, jump, if you feel you want to

Got another couple of hours in tonight - mostly defining code and data sections and transcribing descriptions of the data blocks. Most of the code/data definitions are done.

The disassembly documents little more than the above, with a few dozen easy-to-deduce routines having been labelled; mainly to do with displaying on the screen, menu selections, playing audio and accepting user input. Pretty much the same routines I start with for all my disassemblies. Beyond that, very little has been commented, and literally only a handful of variables have been identified. It's a good head start, but soon it'll have reached its usefulness.

I haven't really looked much at the code, but I have noticed plenty of jump tables defined, and also fairly extensive use of the IX and IY registers. That's going to be... interesting... to port to the 6809.

I think next session I'll render the graphics objects on the PC.

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