Sunday, 23 August 2015

On the shoulders of giants

Got a little bit more time tonight and have loaded the binary into IDAPro and started on the disassembly. Still in the process of defining data and code segments - there's a lot of data in this game. I have a partial disassembly and data format document to work from, and I'm still in the process of transcribing that information into IDAPro. Probably have a few more sessions before I have to start thinking for myself.

Before I get too far into the disassembly I'll revisit the data format and write some code to render all the graphics objects on the PC. Then I'll write code to render each of the screens. Once that's done I should be very familiar with the data formats in the code.

Hopefully next update, which may not be for a few weeks, will have some eye candy - and no doubt will then reveal the game that I'm porting.

Interestingly, the graphics and controls may well be suitable for a Neo Geo port too...

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