Monday, 19 October 2015

Apple II Lode Runner for the Coco3 - recap

Just tonight listening to The CoCo Crew Podcast Episode #3 I heard myself get a mention in relation to my Lode Runner port for the Coco3, which was both flattering (thanks John & Neil) and embarrassing (thanks John & Neil). So I thought I'd give an update on the status of the project.

The port itself is all-but-complete and, for those that missed the announcement, a playable demo version is available for download. FTR I have done one (cosmetic) fix since that release. The only issues remaining are that the data for all 150 levels does not fit in the non-banked 64K address space, and there is no mechanism for loading/saving high scores. I do, however, have plans to overcome these - in time.

My intention is to release a cartridge version of the port initially, for which I plan to design my own flash-based cartridge, with a few extra features - including the ability to save high scores. Although the cartridge will be made available with Lode Runner (and Championship Lode Runner) installed, it will also be able to be programmed by the end user for their own (additional) cartridge images. There will be a limited run with a case and a printed sticker for those that wish to have a physical copy of the game. More on this when the time comes.

Sometime after the cartridge release, I plan on releasing the disk version - which will be freeware.

The question on everyone's lips is, of course, when will this happen? Right now, it's difficult to say. I am in the middle of a rather significant upheaval in my working life; the plan was to actually reduce my working hours and free up some more time for family and hobbies, however somehow I've managed to do the exact opposite - for the next 5-6 months at least. But at least it's all part of the process in setting myself up later for less work and more play.

Hope that clears things up for now. As was also alluded to in the podcast, and of course documented right here in this blog, I am working on another game port to the Coco3; I should explain that pure software work is a lot more conducive to "casual efforts" and of course does not require any capital outlay. So whilst I don't have the resources to dedicate to the flash cartridge design at this point, I can sometimes find the time to do a bit of reverse-engineering.

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  1. No embarrassment intended! We are looking forward to see the outcome of every project! :-)