Friday, 9 October 2015

Short diversion

I mentioned Volcano Hunter in my previous post; I've contacted the game's author David Smith and he has sent me his original source listing - in the form of iPhone photos of fan-fold paper sheets!

Starting with a known-good TRS-80 CMD file (game executable) I've completed annotating the disassembly with all of David's labels and comments and I've even preserved the radixes of all his numeric literals! The ASM file now assembles and produces a byte-for-byte copy of the original CMD file - and is also fully relocatable!

Now that David has an electronic copy of his original source listing that assembles on a freely-available, modern cross-assembler (ASZ80), I'm going to start on the Microbee port!

Then it's back to the ZX Spectrum game, where things are starting to look interesting!

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