Monday, 19 October 2015


No feedback thus far from the Microbee Volcano Hunter port, so in the mean time I've resisted other temptations and RETURNED to the ZX Spectrum game. I've got some additional annotation for the listing courtesy of George but failing any further developments, I'll wrap Volcano Hunter up soon and send the final source listing back to David Smith to do with as he pleases.

After a few more casual scans of the (aforementioned ZX Spectrum game) listing, I've deduced that the 'easy' bits are done and the remaining reverse-engineering is going to take some effort.

The next task is to definitively identify the top-level routine that renders the game play area of the screen and comment that as I translate it to C. Once that is complete, I have a feeling that more of the code will fall into place, as a lot of the data structures are related to the rendering. I'll also post some eye candy at that point and thus reveal the identity of the game.

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