Sunday, 13 December 2015

It's interesting the obscure - but extremely helpful - stuff you find when you search the internet hard enough. I think I found a bug in the wipe routine tonight, so I went searching for reports of graphics glitches in the game; I haven't found any (yet) but did come across this blog entry right here on! Talk about perfect timing! ;)

That aside, I'm really down to the nuts and bolts of the code now. In fact, most of the rendering of all objects, both static and dynamic, is complete, excepting for sprites concerned with the player (of which there are quite a few) and interactions between objects. So it's time to roll up my sleeves and properly analyse the routines I've - temporarily - stashed in the too hard basket.

Actually the routine to wipe the old sprite was a bit of a diversion; I've been working on completing the high level game loop code (finished) and am about to turn my attention to having the keyboard inputs actually control the player. That will allow me to test all the player-related sprite handler routines before diving into the object interactions.

So if you smell something burning...

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