Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Not bad for a few hours work. It's currently using the most fundamental graphics functions - SetAPen() and WritePixel() - and rendering directly to the Raster Port rather than an off-screen buffer, but at least it's looking good so far!

This screen looks familiar... just before the game exits.

It exits the main game function after rendering the room and before the player appears (i.e. it crashes) but I'm happy with the progress none-the-less. I should note that it has been at least a quarter of a century since I last wrote any Amiga software!

EDIT: It wasn't a crash, but the keyboard routines returning wrong values - the game runs and objects are animated. I've also got it rendering now to an off-screen bitmap (plane) and then it blits to the display. Can't find a function that will fill a rectangular area on a bitmap (as opposed to a RastPort). Oh and it does actually crash eventually...

UPDATE: Found a way to clear a rectangular area on a bitmap. Changed screen to LORES. I need to work out how to change the palette on my custom screen.

Animating on the Amiga LORES screen
It's not rendering the sun properly - I commented-out the routine for the moment - and it crashes when day turns to night. Could be bad coordinates in my sun/moon routine... but it's getting there. Need to add keyboard input next.

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