Tuesday, 2 February 2016

MSX and reverse-engineered code releases

Curiosity got the better of me at lunchtime today and I took a quick look at the official Knight Lore cartridge for the MSX computer.

The core itself is identical of course, with the main differences in the system setup and hardware interfaces, most noticeably the video access routines. I was surprised they did move a couple of routines around, and there's a few more variables for as-yet-unknown purposes, but it's unmistakably a straight adaptation of the Spectrum code.

Give the almost trivial code changes I did for the TRS-80 port, I was expecting the code to more closely resemble the original. But there appears to be just a little too much MSX-specific code required for me to bother with a port of a game that already has a port. If I'm honest, I'm starting to tire of the filmation games and I need to move on to my original goal before I lose interest altogether.

On another note, I decided there was no reason not to release my reverse-engineered code listings for various projects in the past. So now you'll find disassemblies for Apple II Lode Runner, MSX Lode Runner (partial), TRS-80 Tandy Invaders, and source for the Microbee port of the same - all on my Project List page.


EDIT: No luck installing the Amiga development environment on my work PC tonight...

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