Friday, 5 February 2016

Neo Geo MVS on MAME

Had some playing around to get Knight Lore compiling under Neo Geo again, and then duly discovered how much I've forgotten about Neo Geo development! Managed to recall just enough to get some tiles showing...

A random assortment of Knight Lore tiles - Neo Geo MVS under MAME
As interesting aside... in the SOFT DIP BIOS screen it was still showing "LODE RUNNER". After checking the makefile and all the intermediate output files, the only explanation left was MAME running an old version of the development ROM (puzzledp). Nope.

Then something came back to me. If the game has NVRAM saved, it reads the game name and the settings back from the save, and doesn't use the name in the ROM header! Since the Knight Lore cartridge currently has the same GUID in the ROM header as Lode Runner, it thought it was the same game and used an old NVRAM save. Trap for young players...

UPDATE: It's slowly coming back to me...

That looks a little more organised

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