Tuesday, 16 February 2016

-cpc option

A bit more progress today. I've implemented the hflip for CPC graphics. I've also added support for the CPC panel rendering, which differs quite a bit from the ZX version because of the split scroll sprite data. Still a glitch or two to fix, but it's looking more-or-less like it should.

CPC graphics with a glitch or two
I've added a command-line option (soft dipswitch on the Neo Geo) for selecting the graphics set. I still need to set the palette correctly for the CPC graphics, which will require some research on my part and possibly tweaks to the panel graphics on some ports.

I've yet to create the CPC sprite tileset (ROM) for Neo Geo. I'll probably have to create another panel as well to support the correct palette - that's a bit fiddly. Lastly, I'll add the CPC title screen for when that graphics set is selected.

Oh and I somehow broke the Amiga port. It hangs on the menu screen... :(

UPDATE: Fixed the Amiga port. Need to add support for rendering CPC graphics.

One thing I could do is convert the ZX Spectrum graphics to the same format as the CPC, or better yet, a format more suitable for the target platforms to simplify code and improve performance. But I probably won't. I think the C port has been a lot more of a diversion than I originally planned.

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