Friday, 15 April 2016

I 'C' no more bugs!

Continuing on with testing the C port, and you can complete the game and see the end-of-game animation and messages. There were a few more bugs, but none too nasty. For the record, most bugs in the C port have been signed/unsigned issues.

I've also added Mick Farrow's modified graphics as a run-time option.

I need to propagate the changes through to the Amiga and Neo Geo ports. The latter will be more fiddly as it will require the generation of another few thousand sprite tiles, but the tool is already there.

I realised recently it would (probably) be relatively trivial to add an Atari ST port - then I could add another target platform to my CV! I'm also still deciding whether I have the motivation left in me to attempt a Sega Genesis port as well, or whether I'm well-and-truly over Knight Lore by now.

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