Thursday, 28 April 2016

Ready, Player One!

All the stub game object handler routines are in place so the game task scheduler can run.

Added game object #0 - the player. You can coin up, start a game and move left/right. For some reason the demo doesn't appear to be working properly yet - the laser base just moves to the right hand side of the screen - despite the code having being ported.

A game in action, sans bullets/bombs

I need to finish off the player handler (blowing up), then there's four more handlers; player shot, so-called alien rolling shot, so-called alien plunger shot, and finally the handler that does both the squiggly shot in attract mode and the saucer. And that's pretty much the bulk of the code ported!

Can you believe that there's only ever two (2) alien shots on the screen at any time!?! A far cry from the modern bullet-hell schmups - yet the game is still challenging!

UPDATE: You can shoot and destroy invaders. The player shots are too fast though, so they eat through the shields and fly up the screen about twice as fast as they should, by my reckoning.

Like shooting fish in a barrel - when they don't fire back!

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