Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A whole stack of bugs!

Tonight I found no less than three stack-related bugs!

The most glaring was the fact that I was initialising the user stack, instead of the system stack (cut-and-paste error) which would eventually (due to the other bugs) overwrite the zero-page variable area and cause all sorts of issues - and almost certainly explains the crash and corruption reported by Keith! Yah!

I also noticed that the stack was ever growing downwards as I cycled through several games; by three (3) bytes if I obtained a high score, and two (2) if I didn't. In the high score entry routine I was pushing B onto the stack to juggle the 6502 registers, and branched over the pull in some instances. That explained the 3rd byte.

The other two bytes were a mystery, until I noticed that the high score entry routine was called from the main loop, but jumped back to it! A quick test on the Apple II version under the MESS debugger confirmed that the original version has the same bug! But because of the circular nature of the 6502 stack, I suspect it never manifests itself as an actual bug in the game. A different story of course on the 6809, hence the aforementioned overwriting of the zero-page area. I fixed it by pulling the extraneous two bytes from the stack before jumping back to the main loop.

All that remains now before the next beta release is a curious inconsistency that I noticed a week or so ago but ignored until now. It may occur elsewhere but where I noticed it was right at the end of the 3rd demo level, where the guard on the Coco3 version drops the gold on a different square than on the Apple II version. Perhaps related is the slightly different spawn-point of another guard and slightly different ending to the demo. I'm not sure at this point how difficult this will be to track down... it's subtle but of course does affect the accuracy of the game-play!

But the good news is that the only other features left incomplete are the circular wipe function, high score load/save, all 150 levels, and the sound. Everything else is there and running - and in 128KB (not 512KB as was required for the first beta)!

Taking another quick look at the circular wipe code today, I'm almost certain that I won't attempt to port it from the 6502 code, but rather write my own. And for the high score load/save, I've had an idea that utilises the task-switching capabilities of the Coco3 GIME that should allow me full access to the DECB ROM (and therefore the disk routines) relatively easily. That just leaves sound.

And then Castle Wolfenstein! ;)

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