Thursday, 12 June 2014

Beta 2 release imminent!

Found and fixed the 'last' bug! The demo runs through all three levels in lock-step, as far as I can ascertain with the naked eye. As I mentioned, it's pretty solid evidence that the game logic is spot-on.

The issue was an uninitialised zero-page register that is used in determining when to update (move) the guards. Not sure exactly where it's initialised in the Apple II code (perhaps the bootloader, or maybe not at all), but I had to add explicit initialisation to a single byte to bring it into sync with the Apple II version.

Interestingly, this byte is never re-initialised, so subsequent iterations of the demo mode - if interspersed with an actual game - may end with slightly differing results on the 3rd level. This has been confirmed on the Apple II version as well.

Right now the game is running slightly faster than the Apple II version, but still pretty close. I won't bother fine-tuning it yet because the sound code will change all of this again.

The 2nd beta release will likely be tomorrow (Friday AEST) now. Although I don't plan to do any more tweaks to the program itself, there are a few things I'd like to do before the release. One of those things is to get it up and running on my real Coco3 - something I haven't personally done yet.

That just leaves the circular wipe, sound, all 150 levels and (hopefully) high score load/save!

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