Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Front and center

I thought I'd upload a quick video showing what I've been working on, including centering the display (thanks Jason) which I neglected to mention in the last post.

Note the centering of the display, the GAME OVER animation, and the high score initials entry.

And if for some reason you still prefer the monochrome graphics, they're still supported.

Hopefully I'll be in a position to release the final beta later tonight (AEST time).

EDIT: This morning I've been fine-tuning the 2BPP game speed and running it side-by-side with the Apple II. I've noticed that the demo seems to be running lock-step until right at the end of the 3rd level, just as the guards get to the top of the ladder... so there can't be too much amiss?!?

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