Friday, 20 June 2014

Apple II Lode Runner for the Coco 3 Beta 2 available

Today I finally got to see Lode Runner on my real Coco 3 - and not the way I expected to, either. Still waiting for the DriveWire cable 4-pin connector to turn up (I only ordered it yesterday), I realised late last night that I should be able to get it running from cartridge!

I spent a few hours last night re-arranging the memory map, getting it ready for cartridge release. After a few false starts, by today lunchtime I was able to get it running under MESS. The secret is to have the cartridge copy itself into RAM, and then switch into all-RAM mode, so that there's enough RAM to run the game. The added bonus is that the same build also runs from floppy disk!

The world's first Apple II Lode Runner for Coco 3 game cartridge!

Unfortunately I still don't have my analogue-to-DVI converter up-and-running, so I've had to make do with an old television set. After learning about RGB vs composite palettes and burning another EPROM, this is what I saw:

Somewhere in the junk pile is a Coco 3 running Apple II Lode Runner from cartridge

Along the way I've added enhancements to the graphics handling; you can switch between RGB and composite palettes for colour mode and green or white screens for monochrome mode, on-the-fly.

I should add that I haven't fine-tuned the game speed yet, but it should be close!

The beta archive comprises a floppy disk image that contains both monochrome and colour versions. I've also included the ROM image for anyone who wants to burn their own EPROM or flash it into a SuperIDE controller or similar - it requires 32KB cartridge emulation.

Now to the final release...

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