Thursday, 19 June 2014

Sound at the end of the tunnel

I squashed the aforementioned sound bug this lunchtime.

Phew! This brings me to a major milestone now - the port is basically complete! I need to add the rest of the levels, and the high score load/save, but these are more an exercise in memory management and interfacing with the Coco 3 disk I/O routines than a porting exercise.

And there is still an issue with DAC sound output affecting keyboard input I need to resolve, but for now the 1-bit sound output is perfectly adequate.

I've done a little more quick 'n' dirty hacking for the beta release, to support both monochrome and colour versions on the same disk, and also allow the choice of green or white (for NTSC artifacting via composite output). These will be tidied up for the real release.

I've been thinking about what to work on next. I have a few ideas for more games that can be ported to the Coco3 - including more Apple II and also some Spectrum titles - as well as an interesting proof-of-concept for the Coco3 that wouldn't necessarily result in a playable game in the short term, but is exciting none-the-less. I also have other targets in mind, and will probably work on both Donkey Kong and Lode Runner Neo Geo ports in the immediate future.

Stay tuned!

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