Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Alien 8

I've done a bit more reverse-engineering on Alien 8 and there's no surprises so far. There are less sprites but (seemingly) more code so I expect the objects have more complex behaviour. That aside, a lot of the routines are either identical, or very close. And a lot of the variables are the same too.

It should only take a few days to get all the "generic" code identified and bashed into shape for relocation; longer if I were to comment every aspect like Knight Lore.

And just because it only took 2 mins...

Alien 8 title screen - Coco 3 (MESS)

The palette is pretty rough, especially the cyan...

UPDATES 1,2 & 3: fixed up the colours a little bit

Knight Lore title - Coco3 RGB palette
Alien 8 - Coco3 RGB palette

Pentagram - Coco3 RGB palette

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