Saturday, 30 January 2016

And the TRS-80 gets another game...

I've taken the Alien 8 disassembly about as far as I need to for the moment. It should be fully relocatable and identifies most of the subroutines. More than enough to get it running on the TRS-80.

Main menu on the TRS-80
Starting screen on the TRS-80

I've play-tested it for about 30 seconds, so it should be good to go - right?

UPDATE: I've released a preliminary disassembly and alpha TRS-80 binary. See link to Project List in the pane to the right.


  1. You're amazing. I've disassembled a 16K Spectrum game - and enough that it's relocatable too - but I have no idea what half the routines does. But this? ...this is just awesome. Good job. :-)

  2. Thanks! Knight Lore was a fair bit of work, but worth it in the end. Alien 8 was simply cranking the handle after that. Hopefully Pentagram will be more of the same.

    FTR there's about 10KB of actual code in there - the rest is data - so perhaps comparable with your 16KB disassembly?

    1. Using a different account now - but it's still me...this time using my retro-handle. :)

      I just checked that 16K game and it has 3058 bytes of code, so ratio-wise compared to a 48K game it's about the same. :)