Friday, 1 January 2016

Location. Location. Location.

I can't ignore the lure of a quick port to the TRS-80 now that I realise how trivial it will be.

For Lode Runner I used a simple build script for the Coco3 port; this time I've opted for a makefile. The Z80 port will support ZX Spectrum, TRS-80 and possibly MSX2.

The Knight Lore .ASM file is now fully relocatable (yes, I've tried) and obviously I can build the ZX Spectrum version. Next will be the TRS-80. The TRS-80 Model 4 has two (2) hires video modes; 512x192 and 640x240. Using the former, Knight Lore (256x192) will occupy exactly half the screen. That'll be my first pass effort, then I'll produce a pixel-doubled version to fill the screen. I suspect they'll run fine under emulation where there's no contention with the CPU - the real hardware will be a different matter. I'd be especially interested to see how Ian Mavric's improved clone will perform!

Next post should have some eye candy!

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