Monday, 4 January 2016

Double the fun

No reports of performance on real hardware yet, but certainly fun on an emulator.

Just for kicks I decided to rip the on-the-fly pixel-double code from my aborted TRS-80 Apple II Lode Runner project and insert it into Knight Lore. Some two (2) minutes later I had a full-screen Knight Lore running!

Pixel-doubled - in theory 512x192 full screen

For some reason the emulator appears to be sizing the window for 640x240 resolution, but on the real hardware it should be full-screen.

I've added the doubled .CMD file to the zip archive available for download on the Project List page.

I'm interested to know how it performs on real hardware, because there are a number of optimisations for the TRS-80 that could speed it up quite a bit, both in the original ZX Spectrum code and the quick 'n' dirty code I have added for the TRS-80. As soon as I have commented the Z-order algorithm routine I'll release the ZX Spectrum disassembly and my fully relocatable .ASM file that currently builds for both ZX Spectrum and TRS-80.

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