Monday, 7 March 2016

A change of scenery

A few more hours of coding; the walking and animation are fixed and you can move from room-to-room now. There's a glitch or two but for the most part, it's working.

You can have this particular room in any colour you want, as long as it's blue.

I decided to add a splash of colour. Although the initial version will be in monochrome - at least until I gauge the performance on the Coco3 - much like the BBC version I change the pixel colour to that of the main rendering on the ZX Spectrum version.

Speaking of performance; right now it's still rendering every object every frame. I need to go back and review exactly what's missing, but aside from Z-order it's almost all there now. As a result, it's a little slower than the ZX Spectrum version as-is, but that's to be expected as it's probably rendering 4-5 times as many objects as it needs to.

I might add a few simple foreground objects next, which requires finishing the routine that parses the location table, so that I can complete the rendering (Z-order) logic. Then I'll have to sort out the glitches. I still can't get over the progress I've made.

UPDATE: Foreground objects now appear, albeit in the wrong place & number. Just need to debug the routine that's parsing the location data, and it should be sorted. Since I don't want all the objects to appear right now, I'll actually have to patch the code to only show select objects.

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