Monday, 21 March 2016

Working towards a demo at CocoFEST

Another major milestone; all special objects code and end of game is done (if not tested) and now it's just down to the sprite update handlers.

And I've started making headway on those too, adding the portcullis, up/down bouncing balls and extra life (which has a bug atm).

Some useless metrics; the 6809 .ASM file is now 4,636 lines, and that doesn't include the location or graphics data, so it's almost all code. By comparison the Z80 listing (.LST) file is around 7,000 lines ignoring the above-mentioned data.

There are around 30 sprite update handler routines yet to be completed, of varying complexity. Tonight I managed to get through three (3) decent samples. Adding lunchtimes I'd hope to get through perhaps 5 per day, so if all goes smoothly, it could be done in about a week. Add another week for debugging, testing and the cauldron screen bells & whistles. Then it should be in decent enough shape to at least demonstrate it at CocoFEST.

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