Sunday, 6 March 2016

A wild Sabreman appears!

Got a few hours in tonight on Knight Lore. As I mentioned, there's a decent amount of code to port atm with very little to show for it, and doing half the job doesn't produce anything useful.

Still working towards getting the player moving around, and tonight I coded the routines that wipe the sprites from the screen (video memory buffer). That appears to be working now, and the cloud of sparkles disappears to leave Sabreman standing in the centre of the room.

Sabreman makes an appearance

He even looks around randomly. Moving is broken atm, however I can move forward a few steps if I also turn at the same time. His legs should be animated - in fact they were at some stage - but they're not right now. It's probably all related.

Once I get Sabreman walking again, I'll finish the out-of-bounds code so that he can walk around a room and be confined by the walls. Then it's back to the arch code, and handling changing screens. I'd like to get it to a point where I can walk around the entire map, devoid of foreground objects. Then I'll add a few of the simpler static objects, eg. blocks and rocks, and finish off the Z-order logic. From there-on in, it's a matter of cranking the handle on the sprite update routines until they're all done!

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