Saturday, 12 March 2016

Farewell Fremont

It's my last night here before heading home, and although I didn't add much tonight, I look back at my first post whilst over here (29th Feb) and can't believe how much I've achieved on Knight Lore in just 2 weeks! Further proof that the most significant impediment to this hobby is time, i.e. Real Life getting in the way of porting games to 8-bit platforms. Spending sad, lonely nights in a hotel room eschewing sleep for coding 6809 assembler is the key to retro game development nirvana; the only drawback being that it is, well, sad and lonely.

I fixed the reincarnation problem and I've little choice now but to tackle the glitches. I've long noticed that the moon freezes in the middle of Day 02 - for a minute or so at least - and now another side-effect is that dying after this point also prevents Sabreman from reincarnating. This is actually a good thing, because it offers another angle to finding this bug. I would hazard a guess that there are currently three (3) bugs to be found and fixed before moving forward again.

These will have to wait until I'm back home now though, as tomorrow I'm packing up, doing a bit of shopping, visiting Nickel City in San Jose, then jumping on a plane for about 15 hrs (combined) of hell. I just hope the spell isn't broken when I get home and I can't find the time, the motivation, or the fixes for these bugs! Well, I don't seriously think motivation will be an issue, this has been a blast!

CocoFEST is coming up in late April and it would be fantastic if Knight Lore was available on cartridge by then. Two weeks ago I'd have declared it'd be no chance, but it's possible that the code at least will be ready. Whether the hardware is available in time, is another thing.

Signing off for now from Fremont, CA.

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