Thursday, 17 March 2016

So good, you can't put it down!

Not much to report as I've been struck down with what is probably a stomach bug my son had a few days ago. So between re-installing broken M$ development tools for work, trying to reacquaint myself with code I wrote about 7 years ago, juggling the demands of a wife and two young kids, whilst trying not to throw up, doesn't leave a lot of time for frivolous pursuits. Or even really, really important ones like Knight Lore, either.

I have however finished coding the routine that displays objects you're carrying in the panel. That appears to work almost flawlessly, except for a stray pixel on the other side of the screen. But you can pick up a special object, and cycle it through the three carrying slots, and then drop it again - before all chaos lets loose; half the wizard and a scroll appears to replace Sabreman, and the game freezes.

Having said that, I'd maintain it's still very close to having pick-up/drop working. And that, in turn means that aside from the cauldron room and the game over screen, it's pretty much all done except for a bunch of sprite update handlers. Approaching the home stretch now (although it's a decently long stretch, maybe up to 30% of the code base).

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