Friday, 11 March 2016

Solid blocks and deadly spikes!

Some free time tonight - enough to finish the object collision/interaction code! Basically Sabreman walks around and is constrained by any objects he encounters. He can jump onto blocks, and dies when hitting spikes, for example. This is a major milestone, as all the physics and all the rendering is now complete - glitches and bugs not withstanding.

Sabreman pushed the table, jumped onto it, then onto the top of the arch

I decided to press on with the porting rather than get bogged down with searching for bugs which appear, at this stage, to be purely cosmetic. Having said that, tonight's effort has introduced a bug whereby Sabreman doesn't reappear correctly after dying - this is one bug I'll need to find before progressing any further. I shouldn't imagine it'll be too difficult to find.

The performance (speed) is still very encouraging.

Once I fix the reincarnation of Sabreman, I think it's time to fix the glitches. Then I can release a 'playable demo' that allows the player to walk around the map, interacting with a few simple objects. I may add some of the simpler animated objects, such as moving/collapsing blocks and bouncing balls, to give a better feel for what's in store in the full game.

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