Tuesday, 29 March 2016

More play and less work...

Just enough time tonight to set the build for (almost) invincibility, set the start location two screens to the east of the cauldron room, run under the spiked balls, jump over the fire, and enter the cauldron room. I watched the wizard head west, turn north, take a few steps, and then the screen filled up with garbage. At least it's consistent!

The C port doesn't have the same issue, but it also doesn't have bubbles in the cauldron. Bug #4 for that port. Time for some serious play testing.

UPDATE: Fixed the bug in the Coco port with the screen filling with garbage. However I noticed an issue with some rubbish on the top few lines of the display whenever you exit the cauldron room. That can wait until I finish testing the rest of the cauldron room; next is to drop a special item into the cauldron.

UPDATE #2: The cauldron room is all-but-complete. There were a few bugs, thankfully easy to find and fix. You can add objects to the cauldron, and adding the last object triggers the end-of-game animation (I won't spoil it for you) and the game ends. Some nigglies; still the rubbish at the top of the screen, the animation isn't quite right, and the end of game screens don't wait for key press. But it's very, very close now.

I also borrowed an EPROM programmer today, so I'll be able to test the cartridge image on real hardware - looking forward to seeing that!

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