Monday, 28 March 2016

Lode Runner update complete!

I've fixed the issues introduced with the new architecture/build. I've also added an amber monitor mode to the monochrome builds, and with RGB/composite selected on the splash screen now, I've removed the in-game option to toggle.

The Project List & Downloads page has a link to the new beta demo, which includes the fix to the monochrome versions of the GAME OVER rotating banner. I've only uploaded the cartridge images this time, purely to save myself some work and they're easier and quicker to boot in an emulator. If anyone specifically wants to run from floppy on a real system, contact me.

So it's back to the Coco3 port of Knight Lore tomorrow, or whenever I get time next. Either play testing for the cauldron screen, optimising the performance, or perhaps even starting on the Amstrad CPC graphics. I should probably tackle them in the order I've mentioned them here... but I know which is the most fun...

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